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The Whale

February 20, 2023 Published by

Brendan Fraser deserved that standing ovation. Director Darren Aronofsky solidifies himself as the master of tragedy with another soul-wrenching classic... View Article


October 19, 2022 Published by

Pretty good historical biopic but too green-screeny Hilma is based on the life of unconventional artist Hilma af Klint, with... View Article


November 22, 2020 Published by

A well-made ordeal. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the movies to be put through a... View Article

The Good Liar

December 3, 2019 Published by

Daytime-telemovie style thriller. With an interesting premise and acting royalty for a cast, The Good Liar had a lot of... View Article

Knives Out

November 22, 2019 Published by

Clever whodunnit minus the typical cosy vibe. The film centers around the supposed suicide of crime fiction writer Harlan Thrombey.... View Article


October 2, 2019 Published by

Feel-bad movie of the year. The Joker’s absolutely heart-wrenching backstory is only strengthened by Joaquin Phoenix’s excellent performance. Phoenix’s Joker... View Article


July 4, 2019 Published by

Much better than Hereditary Despite handing out a measly 1.5 stars to director Ari Aster’s previous effort Hereditary, I was... View Article