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October 19, 2022 Published by

Pretty good historical biopic but too green-screeny Hilma is based on the life of unconventional artist Hilma af Klint, with... View Article

My Cousin Rachel

August 22, 2017 Published by

Simultaneously cosy and uneasy. My Cousin Rachel may well be the perfect film to watch on a rainy afternoon. In... View Article


July 17, 2017 Published by

If you were hanging out for a typical Nolan film with elaborate plot twists or charismatic baddies, you may be... View Article

Tulip Fever

May 8, 2017 Published by

Like a livelier, yet absurd version of Girl with a Pearl Earring. There are some major similarities between Tulip Fever... View Article


January 10, 2017 Published by

For the most part sleep-inducingly boring, Jackie has a few fleeting moments of brilliance. JFK (Caspar Phillipson) has recently been... View Article

The Danish Girl

February 3, 2016 Published by

Lower your expectations. With 2015 being the year of Caitlyn Jenner’s very public transformation, there was no time like the... View Article


January 26, 2016 Published by

Sometimes true stories don’t deserve to be brought to the big screen; this is not one of those times. Spotlight... View Article

The Revenant

January 22, 2016 Published by

That bear scene, though. If there’s any reason at all to see The Revenant, it’s certainly for the performance of... View Article


December 29, 2015 Published by

Quality period drama, period! It may be called Brooklyn, but it’ll have you thinking in an Irish accent by the... View Article