2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

Straightforward doco about Barcelona FC.

This is very much a documentary and not a movie’s movie, so it was difficult to compare with other films. I actually felt misplaced watching it at the cinema, I ought to have been curled up at home with a blanket and a hot drink after spontaneously finding it whilst flicking through the channels on TV.

Barça Dreams is a journey through time, a mish-mash of interviews and old footage from the club’s humble beginnings when it was formed by Swiss man Joan Gamper, through the Spanish civil war and right up until the present day. Remarkably, but the values and spirit of the Barcelona have remained in tact since it was first conceived. The rivalry between manager Pep Guardiola and Real Madrid manager José Mourinho was particularly amusing.

This is of course highly recommended viewing for Barcelona fans and football enthusiasts, however still watchable for the rest of us, although admittedly a little dull in some of the historical parts. Not just about football, the ideals presented here are great inspiration for anyone who wants to follow a dream; showing how competition can be a positive force in pushing forward to achieving greater things.

Although narrated in English, many of the interviews are in Spanish; so unless you know the language you should be prepared for some serious reading!

Barça Dreams premieres in Sweden on November 30.

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