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Something to keep you satisfied until the next Bourne film comes out.

If you’re anything like me, you’re hanging out for the next Bourne film. Sure, there’s Bonds and Mission:Impossibles coming out every few years, Idris Elba has even been tipped as a future contender to play James Bond. But as far as action thrillers go, there’s something special about the Bourne franchise. Bastille Day has the same rawness and energy as the Bourne films, so it’s not surprising that the screenplay has been penned by Andrew Baldwin – the same writer as the upcoming Bourne sequel, Jason Bourne.

Sean Briar (Idris Elba) is a former CIA tough guy with a point to prove, after compromising the safety of another agent in his previous mission. Taking on an anti-terrorism case, he comes upon Michael Mason (Richard Madden), a talented pickpocket who has unwittingly placed himself in the center of the investigation.

There’s a real vibrance here, I honestly didn’t think they made films like this anymore. The British/French production gives it the air of a foreign film whilst keeping it completely accessible to English-speaking audiences with much of the dialogue in English. It’s actually refreshing that this is a stand-alone film, you can’t count on anyone needing to stay alive to participate in any sequels – so literally anything can happen.

The acting is decent all round. Special mention to Richard Madden for being incredibly good-looking. No, I didn’t rank the film higher because of this – but I *could* have 😉

Strangely, Bastille Day currently has no release date for the US. Their loss!

Bastille Day premieres in Sweden on 22 April.

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