3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Pretty good historical biopic but too green-screeny

Hilma is based on the life of unconventional artist Hilma af Klint, with a dose of artistic licence thrown in.

Hilma (Tora Hallström/Lena Olin) is breaking new ground by making art according to instructions received through spiritism – something unheard of in the Victorian era. The film highlights both her work and feelings of being misunderstood in a world that was altogether too early to appreciate it.

Tora Hallström does very well in her role, considering she is the daughter of director Lasse Hallström – he was very fortunate to have had her on board. Even though she doesn’t exactly resemble the actual artist, it doesn’t matter so much considering she is not widely known for the way she looks.

I was less enthusiastic about the scattered use of green screens for outdoor scenes throughout – they look so fake and really pull you out of the experience.

Creatives should appreciate this more than most, especially those who don’t know much about this artist and her important legacy.

Hilma premieres in Sweden on 19 October.


Photo © Audrius Solominas, Viaplay

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