1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

While the trailer may look promising, this is bog-standard supernatural horror.

Annie (Toni Collette) is dealing with the recent passing of her estranged witchcraft-obsessed mother, whilst the behaviour of her already odd teenage daughter (Milly Shapiro) is becoming increasingly strange.

Not being a fan of supernatural horror (I just don’t find them scary), Hereditary does little for me. I was hoping for more thriller elements. There is a bit of intrigue in the first half or so but once that wanes so does interest in the story overall. At times it seems like even the actors were frustrated to have to play out some of the more over the top parts of the script. Apart from those moments, the acting is pretty good and that helps it seem a bit less of a dud film.

With much focus on the life of the family and an overall downbeat vibe, i was reminded of The Killing of A Sacred Deer, although that film was able to maintain a tense tempo throughout which Hereditary fails to do. No nail-biting here.

Without giving too much away, one key scene is a blatant ripoff of Rosemary’s Baby. Wearing your inspiration on your sleeve is one thing, but this is clear theft.

Hereditary premieres in Sweden on 27 July.

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