3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Cute highschool drama with a twist.

When you break it down, this is your usual teen drama – the only difference being that the lead character is gay and hasn’t told anyone yet; and is therefore dealing with an entirely different set of issues.

Simon (Nick Robinson) has a loving family and group of friends, but up until now has decided to keep his sexuality a secret. His world is shaken up when he decides to email an anonymous student who has come out as gay on his school’s social forum website.

Love, Simon is easy to watch, and enjoyable enough, without being astonishing. Even though the subject matter does have some depth, it is presented in an easily digestible way without any rollercoasters of intense emotion. However those who have been through this experience themselves may find it more moving.

The eccentric teachers at the highschool add to the feel-good vibe – special mention to the drama teacher (Natasha Rothwell) she’s hilarious, it’s almost a shame she doesn’t have more scenes.

If in this day and age teens are still facing ridicule and bullying for coming out, hopefully this will help to encourage acceptance. Actors have even been buying out theatres in the US so that people can attend the film for free.

Love, Simon premieres in Sweden on 15 June.

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